MINDFUL YIN (60, 75 or 90 min)

Mindful Yin will include a series of long held yoga postures, largely focused on working the lower body. The practice incorporates mindfulness & breath awareness. Experimentation is encouraged and ample time is given for self reflection.
Hands on assistance with prop placement and adjustments are offered to ensure a full relaxation experience for participants. This class may include a guided meditation practice.
Suitable for all levels. Beginners Welcome. ​

PRANA FLOW (60 min)

A juicy vinyasa yoga class. Creative, playful and fluid. In Prana Flow, you are free to experiment and try new things. Sequences will vary each session and we may use the walls, props and partner work to deepen our experience. We work towards peak poses, arm balances, inversions and include challenging balancing poses. This class will keep you moving, one breath one posture. Always dynamic, fun and a little sweaty. ​Designed to move Prana (energy) through the body, expect a shift in body and mood.
Suitable for all levels. Intermediate to advanced.

SOUL FLOW (60 or 75 min)

A slow, steady and strong yoga practice. Longer holds, keep this class low impact. Sequencing is simple and creative. We offer modifications for all levels to advance or lessen intensity. With a focus on mindful breath, alignment, transitions and how the poses feel in the body, this class will nourish your very core. Hands on assists and adjustments are offered throughout.
Suitable for all levels. Beginner – Advanced. 


In this class you will be guided through some very gentle flow yoga sequences, and also encouraged to stretch out the whole body in seated floor postures. A grounded practice in which you will be able to leave behind your day, unwind and completely relax.


We will move slowly, in order to stay mindful and remain present. The use of props will be encouraged, in order to support your body to move deeper into the shapes.


Chill flow will be deeply nourishing and calming for the nervous system, helping you to gradually increase awareness, smooth out kinks and ease tension throughout.


Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.

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The perfect way to strengthen your workplace culture and improve morale. An opportunity to invest in your people, their health and wellbeing.
We bring the yoga class to you OR alternatively, you can book our studio and bring your team to us. Everything is provided to ensure your experience is exceptional. 
Clients Include:

Cheltenham Secondary College
Energize U
​Work Safe

Eikon Financial

Rates: Starting from $110
Depending on group size and location
​Maximum #: 25 Participants


Want to improve your downward dog? Have questions about your practice? Book a private Yoga class. We can tailor the sequence to suit your body. We can modify for specific injuries and other health concerns.
​Give yourself the gift of yoga and get the attention you deserve.

Rates: Starting from $110
Maximum #: 4 Participants


$150 for 6 week course

A 6 week course, for complete beginners or those who want to explore the foundations of Vinyasa Yoga.

This class is offered over 6 consecutive weeks. We will cover physical postures (asana), meditation, breath work (pranayama), and some yogic history/ philosophy.

Next course is commencing Saturday 6th October - Saturday 10th November. Tuition includes a detailed guidebook and comprehensive course notes to be used in conjunction with the practical training.

*During your enrolment in the Beginner's Yoga course you are welcome to attend as additional, Tuesday evenings Base Flow (beginner friendly) class, 6.15 pm - 7.15 pm for extra practice at no extra charge.


$180 for 6 week course

Do you want to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Reduce emotional reactions, stress and learn techniques to bring ease into your life?
Explore and integrate the concepts of Mindfulness Meditation into your life.
A 6-Week Course.

During the course you are encouraged to attend (at no extra charge) either of our 30 minute Meditation classes Monday 10.45 am or Tuesday 5.30pm.

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